The Montagu Bookshop

Since 2000, The Montagu Bookshop has been promoting and selling readership in Montagu by providing a wide range of books for the community of Montagu, and visitors to the Town.

This reader-centric approach is all about, connecting books to people, people to books, authors to people and people to authors.

Our Bookshop in the heart of Montagu, and is home to a treasure trove of interesting books. Some of these book treasures include:

  • Tales from Shakespeare, Charles & Mary Lamb;
  • Tales from Natal, A.R.R. Turnbull.

We have many books by local authors – Larry Hester, Emile Badenhorst and Charles Bentley; new current affairs books; crime/thrillers and many others.

Come in and browse our wide selection. If your choice of book is not in stock, we will do all we can to find it for you.

We strive to have books that offer you an enjoyable adventure while reading.

Why We Are Unique

If you are feeling the need to, Recharge, Explore, find Adventure, or Discover new things, then we at The Montagu Bookshop highly recommend a good READ!  Come recharge your batteries, relax and explore the wide variety of adventurous books waiting to be discovered.

What Readers Are Saying

Just by chance I came across the photos of your bookstore. I felt I must make contact with you as the original building, before being renovated belonged to my late parents, Herman and Bertha Goldblatt who lived in the house and had a general dealer store in the years 1932-1959. Where your store is now used to be their general dealer shop and their house was next to that, all in the same building. There also was a pharmacy next door which belonged to Mr Jack Plax. You cannot imagine how many memories have come flooding back since seeing these pictures. I also recognized the photo of the bridge crossing to the school although when I grew up there the high school was on the opposite side of the town.

I have met Mr Rudi Allmeyer as he came to see me in Cape Town and I told him about growing up in Montagu. I matriculated in 1953 and left to study in Cape Town and when I got married in 1959 went to live in Upington and moved to Cape Town in 1974 and have been here since.

From the photos your bookshop looks very nice and interesting. We hope to one day take a trip out and come and visit the town again.

Shared with kind permission from Mrs Eunice Movsowitz

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